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  Who doesn’t like to eat Samosa? Everybody likes it. Yes, that's correct but at the same time we have to be aware that a samosa which we commonly eat is very high in calories and lacks any nutritional value. But don’t worry, there is always an option. It is possible to enjoy a Samosa that is high in nutritional value and at the same time contains very less calories. The following Recipe (both Video and text) will explain you & guide you on how take make Low Calorie mix- vegetable Samosa. This samosa can provide you a good nutrition at very low calorific value and that too without compromising on taste and flavour.



INGREDIENTS: (Sufficient to make 12 Samosas)

MAIN INGREDIENTS: 1. Carrot - 1 (Medium size) 2. Cauliflower - 2/3 Florets 3. Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) - 100gm 4. Red Pumpkin – 150gm 5. Cabbage – 100gm 6. Potato – 2 (Medium Size) 7. Rice paper – 6 (Available in General Stores)

FOR SEASONING: 1. Mustard Seeds – 1/4th tsp. 2. Turmeric powder – 1/4th tsp.

MASALA: 1. Sundae masala – 1 tsp (As per your choice) 2. Ginger-Garlic-Chilly-Coriander paste – 1 tsp 3. Dhana-Jeera powder – 1 tsp 4. Chat Masala – ½ tsp 5. Salt (As per taste) 6. Oil - Just for brushing 7. Lemon Juice – Optional



1. Wash all the vegetables properly. 2. Peel the Carrot, Bottle gourd (Dudhi) and Red pumpkin. 3. Boil the potatoes and peel off their skin. 4. Grate all the vegetables mentioned in ingredients list properly (except boiled potatoes) and mix them. 5. Soak these grated and mixed vegetables in lukewarm water for 20 mins. Add a little turmeric powder and salt to it to remove pesticides. 6. After 20 mins drain the lukewarm water. And rinse these grated vegetables again with clean water. 7. Drain all the water from vegetables. 8. Now steam all these vegetables that are mixed together except the boiled potatoes in a pan either on a regular gas burner/Stove or on a Hot-plate (induction plate) as per availability for approx. 10 mins. 9. Smash the boiled potatoes 10. Now keep a separate pan either on Gas burner/ stove or on Hot plate (induction), brush it with maximum 2-3 drops of oil & add Mustard seeds and turmeric powder to it. 11. Once it starts spluttering add the steamed vegetables and smashed boiled potatoes in to it. 12. Add all the above-mentioned masalas (Sundae masala, Chaat masala, Dhana jeera powder, Ginger-garlic-chilly-coriander paste and salt as per taste). 13. Sauté them properly till everything is mixed thoroughly. 14. Put the lid and let the mixture cook for approx. 5 mins. 15. Keep it aside and let it cool. 16. Now take the rice paper (Usually circular in shape). Make it into two halves. 17. Six rice papers will be required for 12 samosas. 18. Dip the half rice paper into lukewarm water taken into a plate. 19. Make it into a cone shape (As shown in the video). 20. Now fill the cone with approx. one table spoon of mixture for each samosa. 21. After filling the mixture press the ends of the cone to make it triangular (Shape of Samosa). Repeat the procedure to make the remaining samosas 22. Now raw samosas are ready. One can eat them either raw or, • Cook them on tawa (pan) brushed with minimum (approx. 2-3 drops) oil for approx. 10 mins (Till it becomes brown and crispy from both the sides). For this purpose, one can use either gas burner/ Stove or induction (Hot) plate. Gas burner cooking is preferred. or, • Bake them in Air Fryer (If available) at 180 degrees for 17 mins. (Till it becomes golden brown or absolutely crispy).

23. Serve the ready Samosas immediately & serve them hot, otherwise they become soggy because the rice paper used as a covering is thin.


Don’t worry if the Rice Paper is not easily available, try this alternate method using thin Jowar Bhakri as covering for Samosa


  1. Thin Jowar Bhakri (As shown in the video) - 6 nos.
  2. Jowar powder- ¼ Table spoon
  3. Rice powder- ¼ Table spoon
  4. Water- 2 Table spoons


  • Mix both the Jowar and Rice powders in a bowl and add little water to them to make a uniform paste.
  • Cut the thin Jowar Bhakri into two halves. Take one of the two halves and make it into a cone shape by sticking its edges with the help of paste which we have made from jowar and rice powders.
  • Now fill the cone with mix vegetable mixture (approx. 1 table spoon) which we have already made.
  • After filling the cone with mixture close it by sticking its edges with paste and pressing them delicately. This makes the raw Samosa ready.
  • Prepare the remaining Raw samosas in a similar manner.
  • Now roast these Raw samosas (from both sides) properly on a Pan brushed with 1-2 drops of oil for approx. 5-7 minutes.
  • For roasting one can use either Hot plate/Gas burner/Stove as per the availability.


  • If available one can roast these raw samosas in an Air-Fryer at 1800C for 10 minutes.
  • While roasting if the edges open (Sometimes they do open) don’t panic, it will not affect your Samosa.
  1. One can enjoy these low calories delicious samosa with homemade sauce or chutney.