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Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.

In the previous infographic on Bisphenol-A we have seen what is Bisphenol-A/BPA? What are its sources? From where & how can it enter our body? In this infographic we are going to understand what are the negative/adverse health effects associated with Bisphenol-A on our body?

Though it comes under the broad class of obesogens. The adverse health effects associated with the exposure to BPA are not limited to only obesity but are much more dangerous. E.g. Infertility, Cancers, Allergies & Inflammation, etc.

But nothing to worry as we can definitely avoid exposure to Bisphenol-A if we follow certain precautions and use alternative ways. This infographic will explain both these points in simple way.

BPA Bisphenol A