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Trans Fats

Sun Oct 04 2020


  • Trans fats are type of fats which do not occur naturally but are made artificially from vegetable oils by a chemical process called hydrogenation.
  • Trans-fats are solid at room temperature.
  • Trans fats are easy to manufacture, inexpensive and imparts a good taste to food.
  • Nutritionally the trans fats are considered as unhealthy and bad fats.
  • Eating trans fats regularly in a diet can become a root cause for many adverse health effects.

So now let’s understand why these trans fats are considered as really bad fats to eat & how they can affect our health,

Trans Fat_health Problem


Regular and excessive consumption of Trans-fats in diet associated with many adverse health effects. Such as,

  • BLOOD CHOLESTEROL: Excess amount of Trans-fats when consumed in diet creates imbalance in blood cholesterol levels. It increases the level of Bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases the level ofgood cholesterol(HDL). Increasing risk of heart attack and stroke (paralysis).
  • RISK OF HEART ATTACK: Trans-fats generate toxic compounds in the body which create inflammation and damage the walls of the blood vessels. It results in the hardening of blood vessels and loss of their elasticity. Excess of bad cholesterol (LDL) that is present in the blood form plaques within the lumen of the blood vessels and clogs them, when this happens in the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart tissue, chances of getting heart attack increase. 
  • DIABETES:Hormone Insulin has major role in the effective utilization of sugar in our body. It removes the sugar from our blood for its effective utilization at muscles and other organs in the body. Trans-fats decrease the function of insulin, that means insulin can no longer metabolize the blood sugar effectively. It is called as insulin resistance.The level of sugar in the blood remains high. This increases the risk of Diabetes Mellitus.
  • OBESITY: Excess of Trans-fats consumption results in the deposition of fat around the belly/waist region and also around the organs within the body cavity. It results in the development of visceral obesity and increases the risk of many problems related to it.
  • Inflammation: Trans-fats Increase the levels of certain chemicals that favours the development of Inflammation within our body. Inflammation results in widespread aches and pains all over the body. e.g. Joint pain, swellings etc.
  • CANCER: Frequent intake of food high in trans-fats can increase the chances of suffering from certain types of cancers e.g. Breast cancer, Cancer of large intestine (Colon cancer), etc.
  • GUT BACTERIA: Trans-fats from the diet changes our gut flora. It helps in the increase of harmful gut bacteria in comparison with that of helpful one. These Harmful gut-bacteria when increase in the proportion to the helpful ones, puts an individual at risk of weight gain, Diabetes mellitus, etc.

   Trans fats has so many adverse effects on our health. To stay healthy, we should avoid eating trans fats in our diet. But we can avoid it only when we will understand the sources from which trans fats enters our diet.

  Let’s see how trans fats can enter into our diet and spoil our health.



  • Vanaspati Ghee
  • Fried foods e.g. French fries, Potato chips, samosa, etc.
  • Bakery items like Cakes, cookies and muffins
  • Doughnuts
  • Margarine
  • Fast foods
  • Processed butter
  • Other processed foods e.g. Burgers, Pizzas, Biscuits, etc.


  • Avoid eating processed food or at least keep their intake minimum in our diet.
  • Avoid excess use of Margarine or processed butter in the diet. Instead if at all required use home made butter.
  • Avoid excessive eating of biscuits or cookies on daily basis.
  • Always check the food label for presence and quantity of trans fats mentioned on it before buying any processed or packed food.


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