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Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.

From 9th of May 2017 Maharashtra Government has banned sell of Junk food in Government school canteens. A really appreciable decision! We have already understood from previous articles that how junk food is bad for our health. Though it is really difficult to avoid junk food in today’s fast life, it is definitely not impossible. There are healthy alternatives available for the junk food. And it is not very difficult to incorporate them into our daily diet. Some of these healthy alternatives available for junk food can be:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Home cooked chapatti (whole wheat) or Bhakri
  • Common Indian snacks like Poha, Upma, Idli, Thepla
  • Baked Batata vada or baked Samosa
  • Roasted chicken or fish.
  • Fresh fruit Juices
  • Home made sweets with dextrose, etc.

If we can change our lifestyle by incorporating healthy food alternatives and removing junk food, we can definitely achieve a healthy & disease free life.

 Infographic for Healthy Alternatives for Junk Food