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  Mayonnaise like sauce that too without using any butter, milk, cream, cheese or egg! You must be thinking it is impossible. But wait, it is possible. You can make mayonnaise like sauce by using curd, cooked rice and potato and it tastes so yummy that you can not tell the difference. The ingredients used in its preparation makes it very low in calories so you can consume it without any guilt. Also it is very easy to make.Following recipe will guide you on how to prepare this mayonnaise like sauce.





1. Curd – 6 Table spoon 2. Cooked rice – 3 Table spoon 3. Dextrose – 3 Table spoon 4. Salt – 1 Tea spoon 5. Lime Juice – 2 Tea spoon 6. Ready-made Mustard powder- 1 Tea spoon 7. Boiled Potato – 1 (Medium Size)



1. Smash the boiled potato. 2. Now put all the above mentioned ingredients like Cooked rice, Dextrose, Salt, Mustard powder, Lime juice, along with smashed boiled potato in a mixer. 3. Blend this mixture till it becomes completely smooth in consistency. 4. Then keep this mixture into refrigerator and refrigerate it for one hour. 5. The mayonnaise like sauce is ready.

  PLEASE NOTE: • Consume this sauce within 2 to 3 days, as it contains no preservatives...... • You may use this sauce as: 1. Dressing for salads 2. In your Sandwiches or Burgers 3. Dip for Fritters or Chips.


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