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Pav Bhaji is popular Indian street food where dinner rolls/buns are served with spicy mashed veggies topped with dollop of butter. But here we are preparing it with zero amount of oil.   


1. Boiled Potato: 6 small/5 med size 2. Cauliflower: 1 medium size 3. Tomato: 3 4. Onion: 4 small/3 medium size 5. Capsicum: 1 6. Pav Bhaji Masala: 1 Table spoon 7. Red Kashmiri powder: 1 Tea spoon 8. Chaat masala: 1/2 Tea spoon 9. Salt: As per taste 10. Green paste: 1 Tea spoon

FOR GARNISHING: 1. Coriander: For garnishing 2. Onion: 1 Finely chopped 3. Lemon: Half




  1. First soak all the vegetables with their intact skin in Luke-Warm water with added turmeric and salt for 15-20 mins. After 15-20 mins wash them with clean water.
  2. Now cut tomato in 4 parts.
  3. Remove florets from the cauliflower. 
  4. Remove skin of onions and cut them into 4 parts.
  5. In a mixer grinder add these cut tomatoes and onions. 
  6. Also add little water to them. 
  7. Add all the masalas mentioned in the ingredients list: Kashmiri powder, Pav Bhaji masala and little salt. 
  8. Grind everything in the mixer till it becomes smooth like a paste (Tomato Onion Puree). 
  9. On a hotplate/Gas/Stove keep one pressure cooker and cook cauliflower florets until one whistle. 
  10. Now heat one kadai, add green paste to it and saute’ well. 
  11. Add tomato onion puree to it and stir it well. 
  12. Now add capsicum and saute everything well. 
  13. Add boiled-smashed potatoes and smashed cauliflower to it. 
  14. Now add salt and chaat masala. 
  15. Now smash all the vegetables with a smasher to make sure there are no lumps and everything is smooth. 
  16. Cook this for approximately 5-7 min. 
  17. Serve it in a plate/bowl, garnish it with Coriander, chopped onion and sprinkled lemon. 
  18. Serve it hot with homemade Rice/Jowar bread. Or with your favorite Pav. 
  19. Enjoy your hot Low-calorie Zero Oil Pav Bhaji, as much as you want.