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Vegetable spring roll is a very famous starter from Chinese Cuisine. We all like to eat it, but there is always a risk of consumption of harmful chemicals like Monosodium Glutamate, Endocrine disrupting hormones like Phytoestrogens (Mostly present in the sauces used in preparation) along with such food item. This can have bad effects on our health. In addition, most of these food items are deep fried and very high in calories. These Low calorie vegetable spring rolls can be an ideal option in this scenario. It is neither fried nor it contains any of these harmful sauces, and yet very tasty. The following recipe will guide you on how to make these low calorie vegetable spring rolls at home.





MAIN INGREDIENTS (Serving 8-10 Spring Rolls): 1. Carrot - 1(Medium Size) 2. Capsicum - 2 (Medium size) 3. Red Pumpkin - 150 gm 4. Cabbage - 100gm 5. Spring Onion – 1 Bunch 6. Onions – 2 (medium size) 7. Homemade Tomato Sauce – 1 Big Bowl (250grams) 8. (Coriander,Green chilly, Garlic, Ginger) paste – 2 Table spoons 9. Sundae masala – ½ tsp 10. Chilly Flakes – ½ Tea spoon 11. Oregano/ Mix Herbs – 1 Tea spoon 12. Dextrose – 1 Table Spoon (Optional) 13. Salt – As per taste (Approx. 1-2 Tea spoon) 14. Chaat masala -1 Tea spoon 15. Oil – For brushing 16. Rice paper – 8 OR Thin Jowar (Jwari) Bhakri – 8 17. Lukewarm water - 1 small glass. 18. Jowar and Rice paste- for sticking the edges of Bhakari




1. First wash all the vegetables mentioned in the ingredients list properly. 2. Peel The Carrot andRed pumpkin. 3. Now Cut all the above vegetables (Carrot, Red pumpkin, Cabbage, Capsicum, Onion) into thin Long strips. (Julienne Strips) 4. Chop the Spring onion into thin pieces. 5. Now soak all these vegetables in lukewarm water with turmeric and salt (For 20 min). 6. Drain all the salt water and rinse these vegetables with clean water. 7. Now steam all the vegetables except onion and spring onion for approximately 5-8 min in a pan (Kadhai) on a Hotplate/gas burner/Stove as per the choice and availability. 8. Now heat a Pan (Tawa/kadhai) on hotplate/Gas burner/stove and brush it with 1 drop of oil. 9. Now add the Coriander, Green chilly, Garlic & Ginger paste (Green paste) on this Pan (Tawa/Kadhai) and sauté it for 1 min. 10. Now add all the cut/chopped vegetables on to this Pan (Tawa/Kadhai). 11. Add home made tomato sauce to it and stir it well for 4-5 min. 12. Now add all the above mentioned spices (Sundae masala, Chaat Masala, Chilly flakes, Oregano, etc.) and mix it well. 13. Adding dextrose to this is optional. 14. Add salt as per taste. 15. Now mix this mixture well 16. Cover the pan (Tawa/kadhai) with lid and let it cook for 5 min. 17. Now turn off the gas. 18. Take lukewarm water and dip one Rice paper in it. Remove it after 15-20 seconds. 19. Once it is completely wet, put 1 Table spoon of this mixture on it and wrap rice paper like a normal spring roll. 20. Both the ends should be sealed properly. 21. Now Raw Spring Rolls are ready you can eat them as it is or if you want you can Roast or Bake them.


To roast : OR
  1. Heat a Pan(Tawa) on a Hotplate/Gas burner/Stove and brush it with 2-3 drops of oil. 2. Place these raw spring rolls on it and roast them till they become golden brown.
To bake: 1. Bake them in an Air-fryer for 17 min at 180-degrees. (This will make them crispier).   Serve these Low Cal Spring Rolls, immediately with Sauce or Chutney as they become Soggy.


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