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Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.





FOR BATTER: 1. Urad Daal – 200 Grams 2. Green Chilly - 1 Medium Size 3. Ginger - 1 Tea spoon 4. Salt - As per taste 5. Water – One and half glass

FOR UTTAPPA: 1. Urad dal Batter non fermented 2. Onion – 1 3. Tomato – 1 4. Corriander - 1/2 Bowl (Just to sprinkle) 5. Chilly powder - 1/2 Tea spoon (Just to sprinkle) 6. Corriander Cumin powder - 1/2 Tea spoon (Just to sprinkle) 7. Salt - as per taste 8. Oil- for brushing




  1. Wash and soak Urad Daal in Luke warm water for 15 min.
  2. After 15 min. grind this Dal in a mixer with ginger, green chilly and little salt. While grinding add water slowly to maintain the proper consistency of the batter.
  3. Now your batter is ready to make instant Uttappa. You can also use this no-fermented batter to make Idlis, Crispy Dosas, Dhoklas, Appe, Medu wada.
  4. Now keep one tawa for heating on a hotplate/gas/stove as per choice and availability.
  5. Put one drop of oil and spread it on tawa.
  6. Now take one ladle of batter and put it on tawa.
  7. Spread it gently and evenly making sure that it is not very thin. It should be little thick in consistency.
  8. Now sprinkle chopped onion, tomato, and little coriander, Masalas (Chilly powder and Coriander-cumin powder) on to this and cover it with a lid for 2 min.
  9. Now flip this uttappa.
  10. Let it turn golden brown from both the sides.
  11. Serve this hot in a plate with your favorite chutney or sambar


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