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Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.





MAIN INGREDIENTS: 1. Tomatoes - 3 2. Cauliflower - 100 gm 3. Carrot - 1 4. Salt - as per taste 5. Dextrose - 1 Teaspoon (optional) 6. Dhana-Jeera (Coriander-cumin) powder - 1 Teaspoon 7. Milk - 120 ml/ half cup 8. Water - 1/2 glass



  1. First, roughly chop all vegetables (Tomatoes, carrot and Cauliflower).
  2. Keep a pressure cooker to heat on a Gas/stove/Hotplate as per the availability, and add these chopped vegetables (tomatoes, carrot and cauliflower).
  3. Sauté everything for 2 mins.
  4. Now add half glass water to this mixture and then add salt according to your taste.
  5. Keep the cooker heating until one whistle.
  6. After one whistle, switch off the gas/stove/hotplate and let the cooker along with the cooked mixture to cool down.
  7. Add this cooked veggie mixture and Dhana-Jeera (Coriander-cumin) powder, Milk, Dextrose into a mixer and make a smooth puree.
  8. Now heat a pan and add this puree to it. Add water to this puree if needed.
  9. Allow it to boil and let it simmer for about 10 mins.
  10. Serve it hot as a supper/appetizer.
  11. Enjoy your low-calorie Lal Bahaar Soup.