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Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.





MAIN INGREDIENTS: 1. Low-Fat milk/Toned milk - 500 ml 2. Lemon - 1 3. Muslin cloth / Handkerchief 4. Some heavy weight



  1. Boil the 500 ml ofLow-Fat/Toned Milk.
  2. Then let it cool for 5-10 min.
  3. Now again Boil this milk by adding lemon juice (from 1 entire lemon) to it.
  4. Now milk will Curdle and get separated. 
  5. We can see curdle milk and water.
  6. Now remove it from Gas/stove/Hotplateand strain this curdled milk using a Muslin-cloth or Handkerchief. 
  7. Now wash it along with cloth using clean water 2-3 times to remove sour taste of lemon. 
  8. Now drain and squeeze all the water from milk. 
  9. Now your paneer is ready. 
  10. Wrap this paneer tightly inside the cloth. 
  11. Keep it in any tight container or in any desire shape and keep heavy weight on it, and let it be there for atleast one hour.
  12. Now take out the paneer from the cloth. U will get the desired shape. 
  13. Cut it into cubes or pieces as per your choice. 
  14. Can keep it in refrigerator for longer use or can use immediately for any recipe. 
  15. Low Calorie Homemade Paneer is ready to be eaten in your desired way. 
  1. Is almost 1/3rd in calories than normal market Paneer. 
  2. The water separated after curdling of milk i.e. Paneer stock is equally healthy and can be used for making Rotis /Sabzi/Soups.. Etc. Don’t discard it. 


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