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Thalipeeth (Multi-grain pancake) is a home-made dish, popular in Maharashtra (Western part of India). It is definitely nutritious compared to any junk food since it is made from multigrain flour, but it also contains high calories. To avoid this problem, the following recipe (both video and script) will explain you and guide you on how to make Thalipeeth using rice flour and mix vegetables. This Rice Mix-veg Thalipeeth can be a good option with significantly less calories without compromising on taste as well as nutritional value.



INGREDIENTS: (Sufficient to make 6-7 Thalipeeths)

MAIN INGREDIENTS: 1. Carrot - 1(med. Size) 2. Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) - 100 gm 3. Red Pumpkin - 150 gm 4. Cabbage - 100gm 5. Potato - 2 (med size) 6. Rice flour- 3 Table spoon

MASALA: 1. Sundae masala – 1 tsp (As per choice) 2. Ginger Garlic Chilly coriander paste – 1 tsp 3. Dhana-Jeera powder – 1 tsp 4. Chat Masala – ½ tsp 5. Salt (As per taste) 6. Lemon Juice – Optional 7. Oil - For brushing.



  1. Wash all the vegetables properly
  2. Peel the Carrot, Bottle gourd (Dudhi) and Red pumpkin.
  3. Boil the potatoes and peel off their skin.
  4. Grate all thevegetables mentioned in the ingredients list, except potatoes and mix them together.
  5. Soak these grated and mixed vegetables in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Add little amount of turmeric powder and salt into the lukewarm water to remove pesticides.
  6. After 20 minutes drain the lukewarm water. And rinse these grated vegetables again with clean water.
  7. Drain all the water from vegetables.
  8. Now steam all these vegetables that are mixed together except the boiled potatoes in a pan either on a regular gas burner/Stove or on a Hot-plate (induction plate) as per the availability for approx. 5 minutes.
  9. Now smash the boiled potatoes
  10. Add rice flour to these grated and mixed vegetables.
  11. Add boiled and smashed Potatoes.
  12. Now add all the masalas mentioned in the ingredients list(Sundae masala, Chaat masala, Dhana-Jeera powder, Ginger-garlic-chilly-coriander paste and salt as per taste)to this mixture.
  13. Mix everything properly and evenly and make small balls (Approx. 6-7) out of it.
  14. Now Pre - heat the Tawa (Pan) on a gasburner/ stove or on Hot plate (induction), brush it with maximum2-3 drops of oil.
  15. Now flatten these ball with hand (Using palm and fingers) first on Plastic and then place them on Tawa (Pan).
  16. Flip them from both the sides till they turn golden brown.
  17. Now your Low Calorie Mix- vegetable Thalipeeths are ready.
  18. Serve them hot with either Home-made chutney or Curd.
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