Healthonic Healthcare - Aarogyam Sukhsampada
Aarogyam Sukhsampada - Health is the divine wealth.





MAIN INGREDIENTS: 1. Cauliflower (Small florets) - 100 gm 2. Cabbage (Thin long strips) - 150 gm 3. Capsicum (Thin long strips) - 1 4. Onion (Thin long sliced strips) - 1 5. Mix herbs/Coriander-cumin powder - ½ Teaspoon 6. Garlic - 2 florets (Chopped) 7. Ginger (chopped) 8. Chaat masala - ½ Teaspoon 9. Chilli Flakes/Red Chilli powder - ½ Teaspoon 10. Salt- As per taste 11. Oil- Just for brushing (One drop)



 1. First, soak all the vegetables with their intact skin in Luke-Warm water with added turmeric and salt for 15-20 mins. After 15-20 mins wash them with clean water. 2. Cut all vegetables in long thin strips as mentioned in the ingredients list. 3. Steam all these cut vegetables for 10-12 mins on a Gas/stove/hotplate as per availability. 4. Now heat one Pan on hotplate/gas/stove and brush it with one drop of oil. 5. First, add chopped Garlic or ginger into this pan & then add all steamed vegetables to this. 6. Stir and Sauté everything well. 7. Now add all the masalas (Chaat masala, mix herbs/Coriander-cumin powder, Red chilli powder/Chilli flakes and salt) mentioned in the ingredients list. 8. Again, sauté everything for 5 minutes. 9. Serve these low calorie and delicious tossed vegetables hot.